By Andrew Johnson

Mana Pool has an amazing referral program as we boot up the marketplace for Magic cards.

Refer your favorite local game store, or even a non-brick & mortar seller, and you can win a Black Lotus, and you can reward the seller with 0% marketplace fee for 6 months, along with tiered kickbacks on their first $1K, $5K, and $100K in sales.

referral handout

Today, we have about 60% of all printings of Magic cards available on, from dozens of sellers all across the United States, but we want to get to 100% as quickly as possible.

Referring a seller is easy

  1. Make an account on
  2. Have the store/seller make an account too
  3. Go here and give the store your referral code:

Rewards and prizes if you refer a seller

We have both direct rewards for referrers and a prize drawing for big stuff

  • Receive a box of collector boosters (MKM or better) for each seller you refer that runs a brick & mortar store and actively lists at least 10,000 card and/or sealed SKUs on Mana Pool. They must be on Mana Pool for at least 3 months from Feb 23 to Nov 30 2024 and be live on Dec 1 2024.
  • We will do a drawing on December 1, 2024 for people who participate in the referral program. There is no purchase necessary.
    • Black Lotus - Anyone who refers a seller that sells more than $5,000 gross on can win the personal unlimited Black Lotus of one of the Mana Pool founders. Or $11,000 at our discretion, if we happen to lose it in an ante match or otherwise.
    • 5 Boxes of Play Boosters - Anyone who refers a seller who sells more than $100 gross can win a box of Play Boosters.

Rebates and rewards for sellers

Referred sellers start out with 0% marketplace fees, plus cash rebates for selling on Refer your favorite game stores!

  • No marketplace fee for 6 months - referred sellers pay no marketplace fee for 6 months, which is double our public offer we posted on our site. We don’t bill the 5% marketplace fee. The credit card fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction still applies.
  • $6,600 in cash - referred sellers earn up to $6,600 cash rebates from their sales in their 1st six months, prior to December 1, 2024. Sellers earn:
    • $50 after they do $1,000 gross sales
    • +$550 after they do $5,000 gross sales
    • +$6,000 after they do $100,000 gross sales

Download the Mana Pool referral handout as a PDF.