By Andrew Johnson

One of the sellers that recently joined Mana Pool, MTech Cave, is run by Mikah the maker, and their store is a cross between a game store and a maker space. Mikah had a wildly successful Kickstarter to manufacture these drawers to store collectible cards in sleeves, and I think this is really cool.

collectible card drawers

The drawers are a cost-effective option for storing cards for local game stores who don’t want to splurge on their storage solutions, and they look cool and are quite serviceable by all accounts.

Promotion - Mana Pool buys you drawers

These drawers were given away the day we posted! Check out MTech Cave for your LGS gear, and support his journey to make great stuff for game stores.

This paragraph won’t last long! If you are a new seller who has recently stumbled upon Mana Pool, you can get a full 15” 12 Row Kallax Card Drawer for free - we’ll pay Mikah at MTech cave to send you a set.

Send us an email at and tell us why you need them, and if youre story is halfway decent, we will send them your way and end the promotion.

Check out the drawers.