By Andrew Johnson

Unlike other platforms, shipping rates on Mana Pool are standard across all sellers. You can read about the Mana Pool shipping rates in this help article.

Our idea is that shipping should correspond to the actual cost of the packaging and postage, and that the card prices themselves should reflect any differences among sellers related to strategy, underlying picking/packing costs, and other reasons to have a different price.

In addition, unlike other platforms, we don’t charge a marketplace fees on shipping - we only charge credit card fees. This way, Mana Pool doesn’t have financial interest in where the shipping prices are set… we can peg them at the actual costs for packaging + postage, and this aligns our interests with everyone on the platform.

Founder dog-fooding small seller experience Founder dog-fooding the small seller experience!

Some advantages we see in standard shipping rates are:

  • we can rank all the card listings without regard to shipping prices, and this makes the user interface better

  • comparing card listings is easier for buyers

  • sellers don’t have to strategize or game how their shipping prices affect their placement, and can focus on factors that matter to customers, like delivery speed and card quality

  • sellers can clearly see how much they get for shipping since we don’t charge a marketplace fee, and relate that to their costs

We are not religious about this idea, and we see complications we have to deal with as we expand outside of the United States, but so far it has worked well, and we think this has positive effects on Mana Pool.

If you have any feedback, chat with us us on Discord, or shoot us an email at