By Dusty Stokes

As we usher in 2024, Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts have a reason to empty those holiday gift cards – the arrival of Ravnica Remastered on January 12th. However, if you’re scratching your head wondering what exactly a “Remastered” set entails, you’re not alone. Let’s dive into Ravnica Remastered and unpack why this release should be on your radar.

Ravnica Remastered Key Art, illustrated by Aurore Folny

What’s the Buzz about Ravnica Remastered?

The original meaning of a remaster comes from audio recording, reworking an original recording to sound better than before. If you’re a video gamer, you’ve surely also seen this term used for graphical updates to the games rereleased on newer consoles. So the natural inclination is to assume that we are getting a visual update to one or more Ravnica sets, but that’s not quite what Wizards of the Coast means with the Remastered name. But it is close…

Wizards of the Coast’s Remastered sets (of which this is the third installement) do include new art and frame styles, but their purpose extends beyond just this one selling point. Consisting of 292 cards, this expansion promises a unique draft experience that spans the rich history on the plane of Ravnica, including cards from the Ravnica sets as well as cards featuring characters or events that happened there as well.

So apart from the draft environment, what exactly is being remastered in Ravnica?

Purely reprinting a bunch of Ravnica cards together into a draft environment and calling it good just wouldn’t be enough to pass the wallet test for most players, and rightfully so. But luckily, Wizards already has solved this problem.

Not only are we getting reprints to (hopefully) lower prices on these game pieces, but we’re also getting a smattering of new card treatments, serial cards, and new art. Full details on the frequency and in which packs to get each treatment can be found over at WotC’s Collecting Ravnica Remastered article. But the tl;dr is that we are getting full art, retro borders, as well as anime style printings of some very iconic cards. Oh and of course, serialized shock lands and Birds of Paradise, just for good measure.

Ravnica Remastered will be including some of the most exciting serialized cards yet.

Is It Worth the Premium?

Ravnica Remastered is not your run-of-the-mill set, and the price tag reflects it. Priced as a “Premium Set,” draft and collector booster boxes command a premium – around $170 and $270, respectively. The cost might raise eyebrows, but it’s the price of admission to a unique draft experience and a treasure trove of reprints and revamped classics.

Ravnica Remastered product image

Who Should Dive into Ravnica Remastered?

Whether you’re a drafting aficionado, a newcomer eager to explore Ravnica, or a collector hunting for rare gems, Ravnica Remastered offers something for everyone. The set caters to those with deeper pockets seeking serialized cards and unique treatments, while budget-conscious players may find it prudent to wait and watch as initial prices settle.

In conclusion, Ravnica Remastered is set to shine for a brief period before making way for the upcoming Murders at Karlov Manor on Feb 9th. So, get your decks ready for a journey through the remastered wonders of Ravnica!