By Tom Trapman & Mana Pool Staff

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Bad is riding into town starting today, and Oko’s crew of Multiverse miscreants are pulling off the greatest heist this side o’ the law. Tinybones, Rakdos, Vraska, and more have joined up and they’ve got their eyes on the ultimate score.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction has landed and it’s already making waves in multiple formats with powerful cards like Slickshot Show-Off and Terror of the Peaks showing promise in Standard and older competitive formats.

Slickshot and Terror Browse OTJ on Mana Pool

The set is packed with value in the Big Score, Breaking News, and Special Guests bonus sheets as well.

With reprints like Mindbreak Trap and Mana Drain, and a bunch of new and unique Legendary creatures like Obeka, Splitter of Seconds hitting the streets, there are a ton of new toys for Commander players to work with coming out of this set too.

Obeka Obeka, Splitter of Seconds on Mana Pool

Mana Drain and Mindbreak Trap Browse OTJ on Mana Pool

Outlaws of Thunder Junction singles and sealed product are available right now on so saddle up for a wild ride and get ‘em the gettin’ is good!

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