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Gerardo Chavez

Mana Pool was incredibly easy to figure out and is now my go to when looking for singles. I love being able to see the differences in prices between different sellers and different versions of the same card. I encourage others to give Mana Pool a shot.

-Gerardo Chavez

Chaotic Commander

Mana Pool has truly blossomed into an awesome website for buying Magic cards. They are constantly trying to improve the website and make the experience even better. Great website ran by great people.

-Chaotic Commander (Chaotic Commander on YouTube)

Brock Preston

Mana Pool has firmly established itself as my favorite online marketplace for MtG. They have great prices, an incredible selection, but above all their customer service is the best I’ve ever received with an online company (even bigwigs like Amazon). They make sure that you feel heard and cared about. You feel like a regular shopping at a small business, not just another order number.

-Brock Preston

Brent Clark

I just made my first purchase and wanted to say the experience was great. Simple, fast, no surprises.

-Brent Clark (maker of Card Pathfinder)

Mana Pool noun
mä-nə pül
1 the place where your unused mana resides when playing Magic: The Gathering
2 the marketplace for Magic cards, dedicated 100% to the best card game ever
Examples of Mana Pool in a sentence

Your Mana Pool empties at the end of each step and phase, unless you cast spells that allow you to keep it.
Find the perfect MTG cards on Mana Pool to bling your commander deck, compete in tournaments, or build your collection.