Mana Pool Return Policy

Please use the policy below to try to reach a resolution you are satisfied with by corresponding with the seller.

Otherwise, contact us at if you would like assistance with an order, and we will strive to ensure a fully satisfactory resolution. Mana Pool is the final arbiter on all disputes regarding returns and exchanges.

Requesting to adjust or cancel your order before it has shipped

To request a change to an order that hasn’t yet shipped, go to your Order History, click the order, and select “Need help with your order?” Orders are typically shipped very quickly, and it’s at the seller’s discretion if they will allow changes or refunds, but sellers will sometimes choose to accommodate cancellations and other requests.

Returning sealed products after delivery

You may return any factory-sealed merchandise within 48 hours of receipt, for any reason. Go to your Order History, click the order, and select “Need help with your order?”

Once you receive approval for the return, send back the products in the same condition they were sent, and the seller will refund your purchase. The seller may deduct the shipping charges from the refund, unless the return is made due to a seller mistake, such as an incorrect product. In that case, the seller must supply the buyer with pre-paid postage, packaging, and a return address.

NOTE: There are no returns on opened products - if a product was sent to you sealed (for example, a sealed commander deck) and you opened the product, it cannot be returned. There are no exceptions.

Refunding missing orders

If your order does not arrive by the estimated delivery date, contact the seller. You can do that by accessing the order in your Order History, clicking the order, and selecting “Need help with your order?”. To be eligible for a missing order refund you must:

  • Contact the seller after the estimated delivery date
  • Reach out no later than 30 calendar days after the estimated delivery date
  • Once you contact the seller, they have 2 business days (Monday - Friday, excluding holidays) to respond

If you do not receive a response after 2 business days, please contact Mana Pool for assistance. Mana Pool may offer assistance if:

  • A seller has not responded to the buyer
  • A seller and buyer cannot agree on resolution
  • There is no valid tracking information for the shipment
  • Tracking information reports as delivered

Pre-sale products are excluded from this policy until after the release date and their tracking status is marked as received by the carrier.

Refunding delivered singles

Single cards cannot usually be returned or refunded, with four exceptions. Contact the seller within 48 hours of receipt if:

  1. You dispute the listed condition of any received cards. The seller will either issue you a partial refund or ask that you return the cards. If they request the cards be returned, after the seller receives them back in the condition they were sent, they will execute your choice of either a replacement or full refund.
  2. The cards have been damaged in transit. You may opt to accept a partial refund offered by the seller, or they will request the cards be returned. In this case, the seller can opt for a full refund, or you and the seller can mutually agree to a replacement.
  3. You have received cards that you did not order. Once the seller receives the returned merchandise, in the same condition it was sent, they will issue you a full refund.
  4. Cards you ordered are missing. You may opt to send back the partial order and receive a full refund, or have the seller send you the missing items. For all returned singles, it is the seller’s responsibility to supply the buyer with pre-paid postage, packaging, and a return address.

Reporting counterfeits

If you work with us using the below procedure to validate the claim, we’ll ensure you receive a full refund for any counterfeit cards. If you think you received counterfeit cards from an order, contact us here.

In your email, provide us with the order number and card details for the suspected counterfeits. We’ll send you a prepaid mailer to send the cards to Mana Pool. We will review the cards using appropriate methods, conducted by experts with extensive experience in Magic cards. If we validate cards as counterfeit, we’ll work directly with the seller to resolve the issue.