Senior / Staff Software Engineer (US - Remote)

Be Engineer #3 — Make the best market for Magic

Hiring MTG-playing engineer to think product and write code

Build the most Magical market ever at We are looking for an ideal 3rd engineer to join our CTO and technical-CEO in driving iterative changes that delight buyers and sellers.

Mana Pool focuses entirely on Magic, and we're going to find out how good it can get if we stay true to the one game we love. Our vision is low fees, with cool software to help people find better cards for how they like to play. Please do not apply if you do not regularly cast spells.


We need someone who is comfortable working on all parts of the software stack, and likes to think about what users want.

  • 10+ years playing Magic: the Gathering (kitchen table and/or competitive)
  • 7+ years software engineering experience (10+ years preferred)
  • 2+ years of early stage startup experience
  • Happy to hack both front and back end
  • Experience with our stack or similar technologies:
    • TypeScript (or Javascript + another strongly typed language)
    • Svelte (or a mix of other modern frontend and server-side-rendered frameworks)
    • PostgreSQL (ORM & non-ORM) (or deep experience with another near-ANSI SQL RDBMS)
    • Supabase (or extensive DB ⇔ API experience)

Salary, Stock, and Benefits

    All details are highly negotiable for the right candidate:
  • Salary: $120,000-150,000
  • Stock/equity: substantial early stage equity available
  • Work closely with the founders (2 engineers, 1 ops specialist)
  • $20/week dogfood purchases or discounts
  • Magic tournament fee coverage
  • Travel expenses for company-selected MagicCons and other large events
  • Equipment provided

How to Apply

Email (attn: George).

Include your GitHub username, resume or LinkedIn, and a cover letter that starts by answering the following questions:

  • When did you start playing Magic?
  • What are your favorite formats and decks in those formats?
  • Why did commander become so popular?

(Applications that do not include all of the above will be deleted without response)